Membership Empowerment and Growth

Our membership represents a diverse range of community-based, not-for-profit organisations who provide counselling and other supports to their communities. 

In addition to supporting agencies to develop professional best practice and standards, we facilitate networking, training and peer-support spaces for our members.

From this, we share our challenges and experiences, and build a collective voice for community-based not-for-profit counselling services across Ireland. 

Community Therapy Ireland hosts events, workshops, and seminars for our members. We invite members to attend our Annual General Meeting to meet the board and staff and share their feedback on Community Therapy Ireland’s work. Community Therapy Ireland shares members newsletters with information on Community Therapy Ireland’s work, the work of other members, funding, and training opportunities.

Community Therapy Ireland seeks to create a sense of community and a supportive and collaborative space for members to share learning and experiences.

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