Clinical Standards

Community Therapy Ireland members uphold the highest quality and standards expected in the delivery of counselling and psychotherapy. Community Therapy Ireland supports members to enhance these standards through the adminis­tration of a Member Standards survey, which is revised annually in consultation with members and Tusla and with consideration of new and emerging best practice in the field.

Community Therapy Ireland facilitates members to share learning and materials to meet these standards in service delivery. This results in more efficient use of members’ time and resources while ensuring clients receive the highest possible.

Our Core Principles

  • Counselling & psychotherapy is provided on a community-based and not-for- profit basis regardless of a clients age, gender, civil status, family status, race, religion or belief, disability, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Counselling & psychotherapy is best practiced within an agency-based and community-based setting committed to developing centres of excellence.
  • Members have clear ‘Clinical’ and ‘Corporate Governance’ accountability structures.
  • Members are committed to on-going organisational development.
  • Members are supportive of each other and collaborate with each other in the development of standards within the sector.
  • Members have on-site systems of record-keeping & data collection, and continuous quality development.
  • Members are community-based and strive to be of benefit to these communities within the limits of their competency.

Community Therapy Ireland members are actively engaging with CORU and welcome the regulation of the profession in the near future.

For Policies & Procedures for Members, Click Here.